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Page 1 of 30 PRINTED TENDER FORM West Bengal Form No. 2911(i) / (ii) Price - Rupees One/ Three /Five Only Tender No. ITEM RATE TENDER AND CONTRACT FOR WORKS GENERAL RULES AND DIRECTIONS FOR THE GUIDANCE OF CONTRACTORS 1. All work proposed for execution by contract will be notified in a form of invitation to tender posted in public place and signed by the Sub-Divisional Officer/Divisional Officer. This form will state the work to be carried out, as well as the date for submitting and opening tenders and the time allowed for carrying out the work; also the amount of earnest-money to be deposited with the tender and the amount of the security deposit to be deposited by the successful tenderer and the percentage, if any, to be deducted from bills. Copies of the specifications, designs and drawings and any other documents required in connection with the work, signed for the purpose of identification by the Sub-Divisional Officer/Divisional Officer shall also be open for inspection by the contractor at the office of the Sub-Divisional Officer/Divisional Officer during Office hours. 2. In the event of the tender being submitted by a firm, it must be signed separately by each member thereof, or, in the event of the absence of any partner, it must be signed on his behalf by a person holding a power-of-attorney authorising him to do so. Such power-of-attorney is to be produced with the tender. In the case of a firm being carried on by any one member, it must disclose that the firm is duly registered under the Indian Partnership Act and the said member is empowered to sign on behalf of the family. 3. Receipts for payments made on account of a work, when executed by a firm, must also be signed by the several partners, except where any one of the partners is empowered to sign the receipts on behalf of the firm duly registered the Indian partnership act or by some other person having authority to sign the receipts of the firm. 4. Any person who submits a tender shall fill up the usual printed form, stating at what rate he is willing to undertake each item of the work. Tenders submitted if contains any alteration, in the work specified in the said form of invitation to tender, or in the time allowed for carrying out the work, or which contain any other conditions of any sort, will be liable to rejection. No single tender shall include more than one work, but contractors who wish to tender for two or more works shall submit a separate tender for each. Tenders shall have the name and number of the work to which they refer, written outside the envelope. 5. The Divisional Officer/Sub-Divisional Officer, or his duly authorized assistant will open tenders in the presence of any intending contractors who may be present at the time, and will enter the amounts of the several tenders in a Comparative Statement in a suitable form. In the event of a tender being accepted, a receipt for the earnest-money forwarded therewith shall thereupon be given to the contractor who shall thereupon for the purpose of identification sign copies of specifications and other documents mentioned in Rule 1. In the event of a tender being rejected the earnest-money forwarded with such unaccepted tender shall be refunded within 10 days from the date on which the tender is decided and provided the contractor(s) present himself / themselves before the Executive Engineer to take the refund with proper documents. PAN : VAT:- Telephone no.- Page 2 of 30 6. The accepting authority reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons and he will not be bound to accept either the lowest tender or any of the tenders. 7. The receipt of an accountant or clerk for any money paid by the contractor will not be considered as any acknowledgement of payment to the Sub-Divisional Officer / Divisional Officer and the contractor sh

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