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E G S Division AhemadnagarWest Bengal
Active Tenders of E G S Division Ahemadnagar in West Bengal

Active Tenders of E G S Division Ahemadnagar in West Bengal

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West Bengal lies to the east side of India, the State of West Bengal is often known as the hub of the modern era because of its many noted personalities. It is also famous for its arts and cultural heritage and has a rich historical background. There are a total of 113 organisations of Government of West Bengal which looks after various developmental works. We have shortlisted some of the best departments that frequently puts out the WB E tenders, The list of these departments is given below. West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, Public Works Department ( PWD), WB HIDCO LTD,WEST BENGAL STATE ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION CO. LTD.West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation-The West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation has worked on various schemes for Economic Welfare like mass awareness, Scholarships, vocational training, and career counselling which are running successfully for a people who belongs to the notified religious minority Communities, i.e. Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Muslim, and Parsee for their economic upliftment. WB e-tenders are issued to gather volunteers, labours and miscellaneous workers to cater to the need of this corporation. If you are interested to know more about the e-tenders of wb government, log on to Bid Assist Now. Public Works Department ( PWD)-PWD is one of the elite and prestigious departments under the Government of West Bengal. Under PWD, the Public Works and Road Department are presently charged with the planning, survey, design, construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Buildings throughout the State as well as having various responsibilities for emergency and relief activities. Tenders are issued for the construction and maintenance of Bridges, buildings/structures, Roads including state and national highways. PWD also carries out WP Tender works which are related to sanitary, plumbing, electrification, air-conditioning, fire-fighting & detection, elevators, water supply, Generators, Information Technology etc. Therefore, one can imagine how the PWD department assigns many huge projects and works. To know more about the WP E-Tenders, log on to Bid Assist now. WB HIDCO LTD-The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco) is responsible for the planning and execution of the development projects in 6,000–7,000 hectare area in Rajarhat region, Kolkata, West Bengal. HIDCO is working on to install the geographic information system ( GIS) to have a complete automated database of Rajarghat. Tenders are issued to supply the workforce as well as the technical hardware and software for the installation of various automated processes like CCTV cameras, led lights, camera software, gis points, co-ordination systems etc. To know more about the e-tenders of wb government related to HIDCO, log on to Bid Assist and get all the information about the tendering process, from registration to documentation process. WEST BENGAL STATE ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION CO. LTD-The main function of WBSEDCL is distribution and hydro generation of electricity. It is also a nodal department of the Government of West Bengal for undertaking the project of Rural Electrification in the State. Tenders are issued for construction of the powerhouse, building generators, installing electric lines and poles, supplying of the electrical measuring equipment and gathering workforce for the miscellaneous work which is directed by the WBSEDCL department. To know more about the WB e tenders of this department, log on to Bid Assist.
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