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CA NO. AGE (I)/AGR/ OF 2018-19 SERIAL PAGE NO. NAME OF WORK : SPL REPAIRS TO BLDG NO T-314 AND T-324 IN ZONE 'N' AT MIL STN AGARTALA UNDER AGE(I) AGARTALA CONTENTS Ser No Description Pages From To 1 Contents : 01 - 2 Tender and item rate contract for contracts for works by measurement IAFW-1779A (Revised 1955) : 02 3 General Conditions of Contracts IAFW-2249 (1989 Print) : 4 Errata and amendments to General Condition of Contract IAFW-2249(1989 Print) : 5 Schedule of Minimum/Fair Wages : 6 Special condition : 7 Particular specifications including list of drawings : 8 Notice of Tender IAFW-2162 (Revised) 1960 and amendment thereto : 9 Forwarding letter and instruction to tenderer : 10 Errata/Amendments to tender documents : 11 Relevant correspondence : 12 Acceptance letter : 13 Drawings Nil Sheets Total. Pages SIGNATURE OF CONTRACTOR AGE (I) AGARTALA DATED ACCEPTING OFFICER CA NO. AGE (I)/AGR/ OF 2018-19 SERIAL PAGE NO. MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES In lieu of IAFW-1779A (Revised) & 1955 TO BE USED IN CONJUCTION WITH GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTORS IAFW-2249(1989 PRINT) Military Engineer Services AGE (I) Agartala PIN -901184 C/O 99 APO 8984/ /E8 Jan 2019 TENDER AND ITEM RATE CONTRACT FOR WORKS BY MEASUREMENT NAME OF WORK : SPL REPAIRS TO BLDG NO T-314 AND T-324 IN ZONE 'N' AT MIL STN AGARTALA UNDER AGE(I) AGARTALA 1. M/S/Shri _____________________________________________of ______________is/are hereby authorised to tender for the above work. 2. The complete quoted and signed tender is to be uploaded on MES website by 1800 Hrs 29 Jan 2019 3. Any correspondence concerning this tender should be addressed as indicated at the top of the sheet, quoting the reference as given. THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA DOES NOT BIND HIMSELF TO ACCEPT THE LOWEST OR ANY TENDER AND RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT ANY TENDER EITHER WHOLE OR IN PART AS HE MAY DECIDE. Signature of Officer issuing the Tender documents Appointment: AGE (I) Agartala Dated: ______________ CA NO. AGE (I)/AGR/ OF 2018-19 SERIAL PAGE NO. SCHEDULE –‘A’ LIST OF ITEMS OF WORKS NAME OF WORK : SPL REPAIRS TO BLDG NO T-314 AND T-324 IN ZONE 'N' AT MIL STN AGARTALA UNDER AGE(I) AGARTALA Notes : - 1. This Schedule „A‟ consisting of Two Part as mentioned below:- (a) Part-I : B&R items. (b) Part-II : Schedule of Credit 2. The quantities given under column 5 of Schedule „A‟ are approximate and are likely to vary depending on the site condition. However, the same shall not vary beyond the limit laid down in condition 7 of IAFW-2249. The rate and amount in column 6 & 7 of Sch „A‟ shall be filled in ink by the tenderers. Rate in column 6 of Sch „A‟ is to be quoted both in figure and words in the space provided against each items of Sch „A‟. Correction if any shall bear initial of the contractor. 3. Period of completion. The entire work covered under this contract shall be completed within 04 (Four) months from the date of commencement as mentioned in work order No 1. 4. The tender rate in Schedule „A‟ shall be deemed to be subjected to all Special Conditions and preamble given in the MES Standard Schedule of rates 2009 (Pt-I) and 2010 (Pt-II) and also to all preamble of Schedule „A‟ unless specifically mentioned in the contrary in any type of Sch „A‟ Special condition & Particular specification. Unless otherwise indicated in the description of the items the tender rate of Sch „A‟ shall be deemed to include for materials, labour, tools & plants complete. 5. Unit rate quoted by the tende

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