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Page No. 1 of 9 SRIGANGANAGAR ZILA DUGDH UTPADAK SAHAKARI SANGH tTD lnd ustrial Area, Hanumangarh Jn.-335512 Tel No. 01552-260793,260522-, Fax-262847 , E-mail: rcdfgngjpl@ fr+6 / rrW /fifwer[g,zzot s / I I, t tf- h ft;iro:-zs.or.zor s d-ftfr-<r-$rrT shTrTrflR fu-er gu scr<o rrrorft €s fao, EgqrrrTq qo ar<r g.q arq{ftf,q d< tf,rd.rd d stqrfli. qrdg{r. fr d}. qSlryI q \s1 91 fr qq t g.u uor<o !ilnorft !flfrfuf/{if,ct{ ffi e W qnqcc +-ri G rrrqm ori, a iild d ftrA qft ffifrsq of rt t 2 q{ ig qra{ i-ffi gq rlr} ftdqnXqri crs;ral-s 6i ft-ilfi 12.02.201s qiq s.oo fr.w. ro orrals oq so-d B t ftfu fuqio rs.oz.zorg ol siq s.oo frw. oo lss oruldq t effi qiFt t frfr-qT g@ ,6 gfuqT 100 scrd trqr+rrc fu-ar g,u rflr*F qrmrfr €q ft0. Egqlilrq d-qq SS. d rcq t dqT frfr{r lRfuq go uft ftfr{r s00 sw MD, RISL, Jaipur d crq S'S d'sq ii {iq flqff,q ii qq orqr+.1- 1 ftfto g@ eTaril t{frEr Nftq g@ qqr qtl o-rali q{ frfu<T fr{w os fr ct-.ft t ftxfr fr ftfro s!-e st Sfl{ qT ol{fiml{ oG or 3rEfl{ lrqrqffi, trflilTi fuar g.u ssr<F stsrft riq ft. d qrg gil&d t I' qftE qrqsTfr tg rrrcrd ot:- 01 ss2-2607e3, { ${aiil;r ot{mfuq ffi d.stet{ fuo qqgq i-fl drg-{ io otqFztogq44, 27os44s 9 aIeI qfrfufr,- 1. qilq6 qrrrfr. 3ilsg-g\rq06,6, q+g< I z. qrrrfr grq orsPfl-ac d< qrola t e. q',Tlfr d-cT t +. yqrfl wendf,cT- qru r{u of Me go w 3rcd\-s oEflit t s. erftRm Frfr qE-q, rrjr{T wdrd6 | o. rtEgr qld t @>.=L-- 9cf,€I q=Ifdfr V 6LC- ft-oerq (qTsa 2o1s qI v{d Er< ol) eqri qTi d 1t\ {-Cft<Tc arrrifua of qrfr t- 60 r$o g'u nrf ot {rq q{i qfn qffi (ortqFro ) qIE=I iFT NiDI{ dc €TIIflT ({ erqruro qftr fnE{r€fE-d qrqn wirq gtfu I E)qrrr i4o farfi +ffiqde 60 cfA ftrdfi-sq 2sooo / - 75000 / - 2 rI{dg{ 145 fdtfr ft-oerq 48 qli ft,dfre< 2sooo / - Tbooo / - 3 frfr rso ft;4 ltffirq 48 qRfudfr'er zsooo / - Tsooo / - 4 3l{Itt{t{ 135 fttfr ft-ffirc 4A sl?rfrraifre< 2sooo /- Tsooo / - vf,T{fr 140 fA,,fr fr-ffiTq 48 qR ft;dfrer zsooo / - Tsooo / - Page No. 2 of 9 RIGANGANAGAR ZILA DH tnd ustrial Area, Hanumangarh Jn'-335512 Te I No. 0l'552-26 O5a8,760522, Fax-262847 , E-mail: rcdfgngjpl @ bsnl'in H L 2. Thebidderswhoareinterestedinbiddingcandownloadtenderdocumentsfrom http://ep roc. rajasthan 'gov. in Bidders who wish to participate in this tender will have to register on http://eproc. rajasth a in to participate in online tenders, Bidders will have to procure oigitai signature Certificate (type lll) as per lnformation Technology Act-2000 using which they can sign their electronic bids. Bidders can procure the same from any ccA approved ."riifying ,!"n.y, i.e' TCS, safe crypt, Ncode etc' or they may contact e-procurement Cell' Department of lT & C, Government of Rajasthan for further assistance. Bidders who already have a valid Digital certificate need not procure a new Digital Certificate' Address: e-Procurement Cell, RISL, Yojana Bhawan, Tilak Marg' C Scheme' Jaipur' Bidders shall submit their offer on-line in Electronic formats however D'D' for Tender fee' processing Fee and E.M.D. should be submitted manually in the office of Tendering Authority-Befo re date & time of opening of bids without which tender form will not be acceptedandscannedcopyofD.D'shouldalsobeuploadedalongwiththeonlinebid. Before electronically submitting the tenders, it should be ensured that all the tender papers including conditions of contract are digitally signed by the tenderer' The scan copy of tender form, rates & other relevant documents duly signed by Tenderer should be submitted online onlY. lf required by the Tenderer, training may be given by DOIT' Yojana Bhawan' Bidder contact:E-ProcurementCell,l,tFloor,YojanaBhawanTilakMarg,c-Scheme,Jaipur'Help 'DeskMoBlLE:+9L-78780-07g72,+91-78780-07973or180030702232To11free,24X7 E-mail- Tender Form & handwritten rates would not be accepted in Tender Box' Please read carefully the steps of submltting Tender online' Bidders are also advised to refer "Bidders manual" available under "D

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