LSGD tender - Government Tender Details

LSGD tender - Government Tender Details

Find the latest LSGD tender online on BidAssist and bid on the best ones amongst them. Here is a compilation of some of the ideal offers available in this regard. 

1. LSGD Tender, Pathanamthitta 

Released on 6th September 2021, this LSGD tender is all about restructuring the Madukkamoodu Ayyappa Medical College Road in Kerala. It has an overall tender amount of INR 1.18 crore, while the EMD cost revolves around INR 50,000. The documents of the same costs only INR 5,000. So, if you need more concrete details on it, be sure to get it today! 

2. LSGD Tender, Kozhikode 

With this tender, you will get the opportunity of improving the Kuppadithara Millu Mukku Kurumani Road in Kozhikode. It comes with a huge tender amount of INR 1.10 crore, while the EMD cost is around INR 50,000. The tender has an upcoming expiry date of 24th September 2021. So, be sure to hurry up and bid on it as soon as possible. 

3. LSGD Tender, Thrissur 

This LSGD tender will offer you the chance to construct the Smashanam Roam in Ward 12, Thrissur. The module was first launched on 6th September and will be expiring on 15th September 2021. It has a moderately lower tender amount (INR 5.48 lacs). However, considering the work, it would be an excellent option for the local SMEs. 

4. LSGD Tender, Malappuram 

By acquiring this tender, you will get the opportunity of renovating the Slaughter House at the Tirur Municipality. It comes with an overall tender amount of INR 10.62 lacs, while the EMD cost is around INR 17,900. The document cost for the same is only INR 2,500. So, be sure to buy and go through it before taking any decision. 

5. LSGD Tender, Kannur 

This LSGD tender will ask you to reconstruct and restructure the Karuvanchal Hospital Anakuzhy Road in Kannur. The module was first made available on 7th September and has an expiry date of 20th September 2021. The tender amount, in this aspect, is around INR 7.13 lacs. Conversely, the EMD cost will be INR 10,708. You can buy its documents by paying INR 1,680 through an online transaction. 

6. LSGD Tender, Pathanamthitta 

Contrary to the previous Pathanamthitta-based LSGD tender, this one is about reconstructing the Kalarikode Paliana Puthenvelipadi Road. It comes with an overall tender amount of INR 1.30 crore and has an EMD cost of INR 50,000. The document of the same costs only INR 5,000 and contains every other relevant detail. So, be sure to purchase it before making any decision about bidding on the tender. 

7. LSGD Tender, Pathanamthitta 

Last yet not least, this tender is all about concreting the Arayanpara-Kumbhithodu road in Pathanamthitta, Telangana. It has an overall EMD cost of INR 15,000 while the tender amount is around INR 10.00 lacs. So, it’d be a decent option for the MSMEs out there. However, be sure to hurry up, as it will only be available until 21st September.