Latest Uttar Pradesh Tenders - Find All Active Tenders & Opportunities for Contractors

Latest Uttar Pradesh Tenders - Find All Active Tenders & Opportunities for Contractors

The tendering community of Uttar Pradesh has been quite active since the beginning of this year. Hence, many people, especially entrepreneurs, are trying to catch up with as many options as possible. So, do you want to find and follow some of the best Uttar Pradesh tenders as well? Then, we would recommend you to use BidAssist. Here, you can find almost and every active tender currently available in Uttar Pradesh. But, how are you going to follow them? What should you do if you want to make a note on the same? Here, in this write-up, we are going to answer all of your queries. Aside from this, we will also attempt to answer your questions regarding the growth of Uttar Pradesh tenders. So, be sure to stay with us until the end! 

How to Follow a Tender? 

To follow the Uttar Pradesh tenders, you will have to first search for them on the website or use a state filter to find tenders of respective states of India. So, once you have opened the aforementioned section, you can find a huge list of available tenders here. Now, you will be able to find five different icons available on the tender. Amongst them, there will be a “heart-shaped” icon available as well. So, if you want to follow the tender, then you will need to click on the same. 

How to Make Notes on a Tender? 

To do so, you will have to click on a tender and open it. Let’s take the Uttar Pradesh PWD Tender as an example here. Once you have opened the same, you will find out the “pen-shaped” icon in the first position. Now, all you need to do is to click on the same, and a new window will open in front of you. After that, you can jot down anything you want to on the same and save it for the latter use. 

The Growth of Tenders in the UP

Since the proclamation of concluding the lockdown, the world of tendering has become quite busy. Let’s take Uttar Pradesh as an example. Currently, there are around 14,410 different Uttar Pradesh tenders available on our website. Each of them is currently active and, thus, can be acquired or worked upon right now. 

As of now, the prominence of the government tenders seems to be much more visible than the private ones, owing to the technological development of the state. Additionally, the number of Public Works Department tenders has grown massively during the same period as well. 

The pipe-related tenders, such as New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, can found here as well. All-in-all, the current condition of the world of Uttar Pradesh tenders seems to be quite broad and all-inclusive. So, be sure to put your bid today! 

Active Tenders in UP

The tenders, which have an active status in UP, are – 

  • Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways – MORTH Tender: The tender works as a formal notice for the periodic renewal of the NH-227a in UP (from 65,000km to 66,000km and 67,000km to 70,000km). The closing date of the same is 23rd March and it carries an overall amount of 1.1 crore INR. 
  • North Eastern Railway – NER Tender: The NER tender is all about providing fencing alongside the doubling route in the Varanasi division of N.E. Railway. It will be closing on 22nd March and has a value of 2.1 crore INR. 
  • Indian Telephone Industries Limited – ITI Tender: By acquiring the ITI tender, you will need to work on the 1200-KWP connected solar grid. There is no export policy available alongside this tender. It will expire on 23rd March and holds a value of 2.0 crore INR. 
  • Military Engineer Services – MES Tender: The MES Tender allows the bidder to work upon the security wall in the AF station in Bamrauli. It is valued at almost 2.6 Crore INR and is valid until 13th April. 
  • North Central Railway – NCR Tender: The NCR tender is all about linking and laying the main line of Broad Gauge, dismantling of the existing track, and many more. Be sure to click on the link to learn more about it. The tender is valued at 9.8 Crore INR and will close on 26th March. 

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So, these are a few things that you needed to know about the Uttar Pradesh tenders. Be sure to follow the tips provided here properly. However, if you are encountering any issues regarding downloading or sharing, then be sure to drop a mail at They can help you out in this aspect right away.