BidAssist- A One-Stop-Shop for your all Tenders

K.pavan Kumar-
BidAssist- A One-Stop-Shop for your all Tenders

Every single day more than 50,000+ Government tenders are getting notified worldwide. And only in India, 7,000-10,000+ tenders are getting notified by the Central government, State governments and PSUs combined every day. How time-saving and efficient would it be if the contractors, builders, distributors, manufacturers, and other businesses could get the information of all these tenders on one platform? That’s BidAssist for you but in short. But that’s not all.

BidAssist is India’s fastest-growing Government Tender store. In a normal scenario, the contractors pay an agent who gets the printed documents like Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), BOQ, Drawings (if any), corrigendum’s (if any) for a fee which also varies from agent to agent. But BidAssist eliminates these middlemen and allows a customer to download any tender for a standard fee. Not only that, a customer is allowed to search and get the information about his desired tender Pan-India, at a nominal fee.

BidAssist is a single platform for businesses to get complete information of the Indian tenders as well as Global Government tenders. And do you wish to work under a particular Government Authority or only in a few selected states/cities? We do not push any irrelevant data to our clients.

Because we allow our users to set their preferences ranging from Keywords, Regions (State, City/Region), Authority, Tender Value, EMD, Opening/Closing date. This allows us to provide our customers with the information that is only required for them.

Now, imagine our customers have the technical eligibility to participate in a tender but lack financial ability. What now? They can still participate in the tender. Yes, you heard it right. All they need to do is form a Joint Venture (JV) or Consortium. And do they have to do it all on their own? No!

We facilitate our clients here too! All they need to do is raise a request and our team would ensure in getting the right contractors/businesses to carry out a JV/Consortium. This is a hassle-free process for an organization like OfBusiness because of the huge database of 10,000 – 15,000+ contractors we have maintained who are spread across India.

Many companies also pick up tenders independently and offer them for Sub-contracting. This might be either due to the non-availability of manpower or machine power or due to the location of work. Even in such circumstances, companies can raise a request for providing Sub-contracting work. And even companies of medium and small sizes benefit by being a part of BidAssist community as we will ensure they get such Sub-contracting or Back-to-Back contracting works.

Like a cherry on the cake, our platform publishes some important data like Tender Results which will be used by our clients to analyze and make competitive bids than other players in the market. This has come as a strategical tool for our customers allowing them to gauge the next step of their competitor based on their historical bidding data.

On a simpler note, we’re equipping businesses, manufacturers, distributors, traders to get the information of the tenders, we’re providing all the related documents in a single click, we help our clients with information that helps them in bidding competitively, we also supply them with raw materials through credit ad cash discounts.

OfBusiness being a registered NBFC firm and raw material suppliers, once a client enters the community of BidAssist, we are capable of supporting them from scratch until they complete their tender through our businesses like- Oxyzo and OfCons.

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