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\ -,".St '1S?1"* $ t Sgll-!$ t$S_* f_!! { -* gg R '3'!. rxTEt.iT cF \.{fq6, '11'1'Tl:is terlrier is lnr lvJairrtenance, LfiP & aiiiec works,r*itli supply cf I!,linorrnaierials in Lr:;ie sui;divi-sion uncer Khecj Divjsicn as specified in scheduie.A,enciosed fc;. Maharashtra siate Eleciricity Distr-itrution co. Ltd. {here in arterReferred to as the,gg11fpg!*vj ,, , ::::::':i::ll:y::: r\4ainiena::ce, LCp & A'ied works as per company,s :::::"T:t:::] as_conduciors, potes. transformers, ""oi*,'o;JilH; r, ,rleuv uur rrr srarlgarc qualtly oi G.l-::::T^::i "^"T,l""y s specificarion / drawins erc. rhe co;npa"u *,u ;"*;;; r*:f:"H::: :1": ]1" *oio incr udes to n,po,tlti ;; ;; ;;;; il;#[;ihe contractofifor claV-to-clay ,..ry6;q5 fronr any storu to actual site.i rc 'nrracr pt y d wcrks re, l t, , Jl;:_::11-l^rlnclges w:jl of Meinrenance, LCp & a'ied works uncjer 11'A'Ttte removed old company's material should be credited to concerned subi dirvisicriar store and receipt of incharge shou!i be encrosed with bilr. " , 1 1.5 suffjcient nutnber ci co-crdinators will have to be emp{oyeo o; ;;"".sfur Bidderio ensure smocth rruorking with different offices of cornpanr,. t z. ! r i-i c ra!-JTy,q ;uALlFJcAnpN.o.F;BroDER: entire pericd of contract. b] $Becific experience :- Re l-he Eidder rnust possess a vaiid frorn Governil€)nt of Maharashira Electricirl ContractoCs License obtained and should ensure its validity during the The Bidder shourci possess an e.vperience of simriar works of at reasl 1s% ottctal pirysicai pammeters involved/covered unde, tf,e ;;;"; ;;experience shoutd have been wilhin preceding ;r;_ ;;, ;;. ,;rr,;;l15,15-16) v r-- c) gqne{ai.Experienie : The Bidder shot_rld p""u**ut lne vvork crder /contract (denotes "*u"u* onry) equivarent to at reast2A% of the estimated cost of the tender or 2. Two work orders/contracts {denote executed only) together equivaient to ^ at least ZS% af the estimated cost o{ the ,.nd*r, oi '""' 3' Three work orders/contracts (denote "*"utuu onry) together'equivalent to at reast 30% af the esiimated cost of tne teier in any sector,during the fast precgding n"" it""",ar ;rears ib;oue, shourd note that the }:atlr f.i*eiri**l €*p*,*t:**fix* ,t-" : ) t ) 41, ai! ;' .'i -, il '1 i''- ' '*' i-Iti.:ifi*r Maintenance,L.CP & ailied Wcrks Volume * l, P No. 3 actuai value cf works executed drrring the preceding five financial years rnentioned herein shall only be consicJered) {F.Y. 11-12,12-13,13-14,14-',15' 15-16) {Sdisfactcry completion certificate from ordering authority should be enclosed). 12-2.This invitation of tender is cpen to all eligible tenders' 12.3. Jeint ve4tures are not allowed. 12.4.The intending bidder sha{l inter-alia meet the foltowing conditions to qualify for tfie'award of contract. The bidder shall also include the following information and docuflents with their tender. a Attestpd copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, plEEe of req$ration and principal place of business with permanent 'address & residentili proof, written power o{ Attorney of the Authorised Signature of the Bidder to commit the tender. b. Nan'le of .contractors bank with detail address & A/c No. c. ESI code No. if ESI is aPPlicable I a. Net Worth: - The Bidder should have positive net-worth dur:ing the year (i.e. F.Y. 2015-16) duly certified by C.A.; - rf theb. Turn, Over: . The Bidder should have Turnover of at-least 30% t c ;:[?:il#:il::ff T?ffi""u""'" ''e 2015-16' 14-15' 13:14) ,: d- Registration under PF Act (copy of qistration with three months paid PF e. Registration under Service Tax as per relevant act. x f. Registration under Labour laws as per relevant act. g. Registration under Professional Tax h. Inforrnation regarding any current litigaiion in which Bidder is involved, the parties concern and disputed amount. i. For the bidder applying for multiple tenders, the limits mentioned in the clause No.1 2.1 (b),(c).&12.4 (e) will added tor the No. rof'tenders applied. j Financial sta

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