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Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation LimitedMaharashtra
Active Tenders of Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Limited in Maharashtra

Active Tenders of Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Limited in Maharashtra

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Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Empanelment Eoi For Service Providers For Provision Of Catering Services At Non-railway Catering Services Under Irctc.

Opening Date

07 Oct 2021

Closing Date

15 Nov 2021

Tender Amount

Maharashtra is the financial capital state of India. It is the largest state of India which has massive connectivity of roadways. Since it is a developing state, it has a lot of work undone. The Government of Maharashtra is striving for the betterment of the state by issuing a massive amount of tenders (also known as mahatenders). We have compiled a list of organization which frequently release the eprocurement and provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate on B2G programmes. Here is the list of the organization which frequently releases e-procurement notices: DIRECTORATE OF MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION,PUBLIC WORKS REGION,RURAL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT,MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF AURANGABAD,DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. DIRECTORATE OF MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION-The Directorate of municipal administration controls the functioning of the 27 municipal corporations in the state. It issues different types of tenders for implementing street lights, building hospitals, community centres, marketplaces, schools and other such works throughout the year. Till date, more than 1000 mahatenders are issued by this department under the Government of Maharashtra. PUBLIC WORKS REGION-Public works department manages the work of the public sector like constructing roads, streets, footpaths, community water line etc. This department also releases many tenders for the material required for the construction like tar, cement, tools, workers, etc. Since it is one of the prime department, It also has an excellent opportunity for tenders to be issued in future. Till date, this department has issued more than 600 eprocurement under the Government of Maharashtra. RURAL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (RDD)-RDD is known as the Rural Development Department. The functions of RDD is to develop the rural areas of the state and connect them with the cities by creating quality roads, junctions and other infrastructures. The main objective of RDD is to activate various initiatives to develop clean and green villages. RDD issues more than 200 eprocurement every year under the Government of Maharashtra. MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF AURANGABAD- Aurangabad is one of the important city of Maharashtra. It attracts many tourists due to its vibrant history and rich arts and cultural heritage. The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation controls and manages the civil works of the city. It mainly issues tenders regarding building concrete roads, pavement blocks, drainage lines, compound walls, community parks, free shed and shelters, parking lots etc.till date, Aurangabad municipal corporation has issued more than 200 eprocurement under the Government of Maharashtra. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE-The agriculture department guides the farmers towards the effective utilization of all necessary resources and also make it a prime focus for serving the modern agriculture methodology. For much hassle-free services, one agriculture assistant is addressed for every 3 to 4 villages. This makes direct contact between the government and the farmers and hence reduces the wastage of time and resources. This department releases eprocurement for the work of soil storage, harvesting, extension and quality control. It also needs assistance to monitor the statistics and valuation of the department. There is separate department working under the department of agriculture which releases more than 100 eprocurement every year under the government of Maharashtra.
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or the IRCTC came into existence in 1999 as an extended arm of the Indian Railways with the purpose of upgrading and managing the catering services at stations & trains. They also promote domestic and international tourism through the introduction of budget hotels, tour packages, and a global reservation system. At present, IRCTC has 11 operational plants at Danapur, Palur, Nangloi, Amethi, Ambernath, Hapur, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Bilaspur, Parassala and Nagpur. It can be easily recognized for its exceptional hospitality and catering service in India. It provides services over trains, railway stations, and station premises. The IRCTC services are compartmentalized into four general areas- Mobile Catering business, Static Catering business, E-Catering business, and other minor parts like Executive lounges, Retiring rooms, and Budget Hotels. IRCTC's e-ticketing assistance usually become more potent over the years of its existence. According to stats, about 70% of reserved tickets are booked via the e-ticketing service of IRCTC, which offers round the clock service, except for 35 minutes. This company has also been dispensing air e-ticketing system since 2010. Considering the vast expanse of the country, the railways have been the kaleidoscope of tourists in the country. IRCTC catalyzes the overall promotion of rail tourism across the country for both domestic as well as international visitors. It operates an online portal for the benefit of the public at large, offering a wide range of offers and packages on various rail-related services. IRCTC has introduced several tourism based trains, among which is also the arguably most luxurious train- Maharaja's train. At the thrifty convenience fee of Rs. 59, this the only online portal that offers travel insurance worth up to Rs 50,00,000 at zero cost flight tickets booked through the website. This company came up with Rail Neer, a packaged drinking water brand that provides purified, processed, and bottled drinking water. The plants are fully automatic state-of-the-art plants that do not involve manual handling of water at any level with a fully automated production procedure. For the betterment of passenger amenities, the IRCTC tenders are issued to ensure the best service to maximum possible visitors and passengers. If you are interested in having a look at the IRCTC current tenders, then you must visit the IRCTC corporate portal. But this will not be able to keep track of each bid and its releases. To do so, you can download the BidAssist app and get live updates on each release. Registering for any web-portal will become a lot easier, and you can even submit your documents in a very organized manner. So download the app and log in to it to browse through the fresh releases, and to enjoy unlimited benefits, select the best tariff. Increase your chances of winning bid only with BidAssist.
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