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Directorate Of Municipal Administration

  • Opening Date

    11 Jul 2019

  • Closing Date

    25 Jul 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 9,28,127

  • EMD

    ₹ 9,300

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Proposed Construction Of Rcc Covered Drain From Bhanse To Atram Prabhag No 9 Under M C Warora

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HAA E OF WORK :- PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF R.C.C COVERED DRAIN & IAYING OF PAVERS FROM BHANSE HOUSP TO ATRAM HOUSE IN PRABHAG NO. 09 FOR MUNICIPAL COUNCIT WENONA, TAH. WARORA, DISIT. CHANDRAPUR GENERAL ABSTRACT S,N. PARTICULARS AMOUNT cosl oF crvfl-woRK fg320r4--00f g 2,s I z+.tjo 2 ADD 4% TOR CONTINGENCIES 3 ADD 12 % FoR GST Rs. ITTTEIZII(DI lll3{ s', "ToTAr Rs. l0gl137.00 Rs. TOTAT Municipol Council Presidenl "K*_ Muncipol Council Wororo TECHNTCnL SAi,!CT|ON THE PLANS AND ESTIMATE IS TECHNICALLY SANCTIONED AMOUIITING rc nS.lo,76,( 3o,{l{ ns. Teo &r y &it 4ril""4-'14!fu_onw r HF ENTRY rtxen rr'l6lracrsrAR oF rEo$rcr,8Ar{gtrolr voe sn. ro,-ZL?- DN ?reE-l3t- rrreoJl:lgP /P ulrDER HEAD-.4,:gg:gr 4M;;,:M,/ Itlhanrl*e Joevan taahimri, DhrS&ndnpur Ctrariur Chondropur sae,l6 tir, il)o,tr"rE 6 63 o, o cr /) ,( n C /l)- ), /t-firM=- \4,I";=,- l,M Munc Jot Corrcit ,r.cone\yl. 9, c,o,. o HA.tlE oF woRK :- PROPOSED coNsTRUcTtoN oF R.c.c covERED DRATN & TAYING OF PAVERS FROM BHANSE HOUSE TO ATRAM HOUSE IN PRABHAG NO. 09 FOR MUNICIPAL COUNCIT WARORA,IAH. WARORA, DISTT. CHANDRAPUR ABSTRACT l:-trniing the R.C.C. tN ork l:2:4 ond soriing out the -- r-=r:ols such os steel etc. os directed ond slocking--:- wiihin the specified leod os directed etc. complete. I ,-:ntling stone mosonry in ime or cement morlor-: -o:ng siocking the moterils os directed with all leods. : r . otion for cotch / side woter gutier in ol sorls of soiis'-: soecified section including stocking the excovoied " - o regulor bund ond disposing of unsuitoble or :::s sluff os dlrected oll sorts of soils. By Mechonicol : ': . ring soling using 80 mm size trap melol in I 5 cm. :. =' including filing voids with Crushed sond/gri.l, - ^- - rg, wotering etc. complete. : -- . tr ng ond loying in siiu cemenl concrele of I :4:g :-:::iiion with trop/ gronite/ quortzlle/ gneiss metol in '- - - trction including neof lobour omenity/Cess/lobour -r--r'ce.ory form work, compocting ond curing etc. - : - o ele. {with reversibie drum rtype mixer wilh SCADA .. '- '!olurol / VSI stondord Artificiol Sand) :-,. :'ng ond loying Cost ln silu/Reody Mix cement : : - .'eie in M I 5 of trop/ gronite/quortzite/gneiss metol ': - :ed blocks, foundolion Lt,locks and such other items - : , rl.g boiling out water, plywood/stee formwork. :. -J/ pumping, compocting, roughening them if ,:=: c finish is io be provided, finishing uneven ond -:-:;,,combed surfcce ond curing etc. complete. The I =-3ni Mortor I :3 ploster is considered for rendering - - =. en ond honeycombed surfoce on y. Newly loid : : -:.ete sholl be covered i:y gunny boq, plostic,-l-3tru in etc. (Wooden centering wi I not be ollowed.)...'' ''lty ourorro+ic rricro processo. oased p_C with : l: lA enabled reversible Drum Type mixer/ concrete ::-:n mix plont (Pon mixer) elc. complete. Wiih noiurol :: - 3/V.S.l. quolity Artificiol Sond r-:,riding ond iaying in silu / reody mix conlrolled grode :' V l5 of trop /gronite /quorlzite /gneiss meial for RCC ..,:rks in cui off wols / curloin wois including necessory :.oiiolding, centering, compociing by vibroior, finishing rrd curing etc. complete. (with fully outomolic micro c'ccessor based PLC wilh SCADA enobled wilh reversible tr.Jm type mixer/ concrete boich mix plont' (pon mixer) ^ in noturc /ortifical sond, excluding reinforcemenl) I .92 814.4A /cum I 564.00 23.00 212.95 /cum 4898.00 180.56 7A.65 /cum )27 57 .00 79.36 l0l3.l0 /cum 80400.00 52.90 zotJ60'oD 10.35 EoZiFl/.,. 11?<'ss l6li /cum 4 3 Bz'2" QTY RATE UNIT AMOUNT 24.) 5 losBge'" ITEM OF WORK I395TZ-o-l /cum 3116'2-l QTY RATE UNIT AMOUNT '': ,,iding ond loying in situ / reody mix M20 conirolled :=-ent concrete of trop/ gronite/ quorizite/ gneiss meta ':'iCC work in solid/ deck slob etc. including romming, ..-triing, curing, formwork, cenlering ond finishing in -=-ent p oster excluding reinforcement etc. complete.-:3''ri up io 4 meier wl'ih fully oulomotic micro :': :essor bosed PLC with SCADA enobled reversibie r-- - type mixer/ concrele botch m

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