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Ordnance Factory Board

  • Opening Date

    06 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    16 Nov 2019

  • Tender Amount

    Refer document

  • EMD

    ₹ 60,76,400

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Tooled Up Rifling Machine, Qty- 01 No

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1.0. Rifling Machine: Firm to quote make and model of machine. 1.1 Scope: The specification covers design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning, acceptance test, machining trials, proving of cycle time during PDI and at GCF. Machine should be suitable for rifling Cylinder to drawing no. IWP-1689 SHT 1/ ILG 259 and Cylinder to drawing no. D.S.Cat No. 1015-000544 SHT1. The final acceptace of machine will be subjected to conducting of satisfactory machining trials of tooled up components. Machine to be supplied in ready to use condition. 1.2 Machine should be capable of cutting straight groove, rifle grooved of constant and progressive twist, left hand or right hand. Machine should have facility for cutting varing depth grooves. 1.3 Machine should be capable of using both hook cutter as well as crown cutters. 2.0. Tooled up components: Quantity & Cycle Time 2.1 Machine to be tooled up for two component drgs. Nos. IWP-1689 SHT 1/ ILG 259 & D.S.Cat No. 1015- 000544 SHT1. 2.2 The firm shall specify the machining time of both the component in details with proper breakup of operation schedule. 2.3 Machine Bed: The bed should be of robust construction to provide life long accurate and solid support to the components, rifling headstock, tool steadies etc. Machining should be smooth and vibration free. The machine should be equiped with low friction guideways Hardened/LM for high accuracy and precision. 3.0. Rifling Head Stock: The feed motion (Z-Axis) of the rifling headstock/ push pull carriage should be accomplished by means of rack and pinion system with very accurate backlash eliminating system. The rack and pinion system should be driven by AC servo motor which shall permit an infinitely variable feed rate control. 4.0. The main spindle brake motor shall stop the carriage motion in the event of an electrical power failure or an emergency stop . 5.0. The rotary motion (C-axis) of rifling head stock should be connected with the feed motion (Z-axis) by means of the CNC control for producing rifling twist. 6.0. In the event of an electrical power failure, the measuring systems are to be maintained until the machine has come to a complete stop. Continuty of rifling operation will be achieved after power restoration causing no damage to tool, work piece, machine etc. 7.0. Adequate stationary and driven rifling bar supports should be provided to guide the rifiling bar and prevent any buckling, lifting or defection during the rifling operation. 8.0. Advanced force/torque control system to be provided to avoid damage to tool, component, machine etc in case of faulty operation. 9.0. Technical Data 9.1 Rifling range Diameter: 20 100 mm (minimum) 9.2 Rifling length: 2200 mm (minimum) 9.3 Rifling stroke: 3000 mm (minimum) 9.4 Round workpiec outer diameter capacity: 40 mm to 250 mm (minimum). 9.5 Rectangular workpiec capacity: 350X500mm (minimum). 9.6 Pull/Push Force: 70 KN (minimum). 9.7 Infinitely variable Rifling speed: 0.5 to 8 m/min (minimum). 9.8 Infinitely variable Rapid traverse speed: 0.5 to 12 m/min (minimum) 9.9 Workpiece weight : 3,000 kg (minimum). 9.10. Programmable constant and Progressive twist: 015 Deg (minimum). 9.11 C-axis accuracy: ± 5 min 9.12 Z-Axis accuracy: 0.1mm 9.13 Feed Drive Power: 35 Kw (minimum) 9.14 Noise Level: 80 dB or less. 10.0. CNC Control System Features 10.1 CNC control should be of latest technology Siemens 840D ( Latest version) or Fanuc 30i/31i/32i Latest version. 10.2 System resolution 0.001mm for linear and 0.001 deg. for rotational axis. 10.3 Absolute/incremental programming. 10.4 Tool offset and cutter compensation 10.5 Display: 15" (or more) coloured. 10.6 Block transfer function, graphic simulation. 10.7 Diagnostics and Operation CNC work station consisting of Apple/HP/Sony/Dell latest model LAPTOP for storing, uploading and downloading of the programme. 10.8 INTERPOLATION: Positioning, linear, circular, and helical. 1

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