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Ordnance Factory Board

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 11,98,314

  • EMD

    ₹ 35,950

  • Opening Date

    10 Apr 2019

  • Closing Date

    30 Apr 2019


Toluene Di-isocyanateas Per Spec Erdl/trim/prop/rm/6(provisional) Copy No-2 Rev. No.-6 Dated 20/05/2015make 1 M/s E.merck, Mumbai 2 M/s Arc Or


I .- ; z I :, 1 I a, o I mz lll 7o = --{ m n l- v m : rvI ,l- t! o F o n ! Cz tll I 2- ERDUTRIM/PROP/RM/6 PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION FOR TOLUENE DI_ ISOCYANATE (TDi) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE ERDL SUTARWADI, PUNE - 411 OO8. r 1 SCOPE 2 RELATED SPECIFICATIONS AND DOCUIMENTS 3 MATERIAL/ iINISH 5 TENDER SAMPLE 6 qUALITASSUMNCE 7 SUPPLIER'S INSPECTION OF STORES / CONSIGNMENT JO MARKING 11 DEFENCE STORES CATALOGUE NUMBER J2 SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVE]\4ENT 13 APPENDICES CONTENTS Enct to ERDr-,tECH/qARD/6129 i].lThis spe.iiic.ton lras Leen pr-'perea 5l Erllosiv" Rese"'r and Dele.irmentLaboratory,sLtaMali Pune_11i uLls wll be approved by lre I ifisirv ol D.fence after ..lon by Controlerale or Olaltv Assurance lNlillla'v b€ nr.ndsloryior Lse by Derence services O.3Belore sealinq acllon afv querles reoard n! lhis sF€clfical on rnav Le r€lered lo The Orector Erplosi\€s Research and Deveoptue't Laboralorv' SulaN.d, Puie_411003 1.3 This specfelion is ntended 10 !o!ern, suppv and Oualitv Assuance ol Tollefe diisoyanate {Touene 2,4_ .l isocv'nale ls'mer contenl shal be 7S-s2% andlaGn -26 dlsocvanale isomercontenl shalbe 18-22%I RELATED SPECIFICAIIONS AND DOCIIIMENTS 2',lThe reLated ,locumenls as menlioned i' cause 2 2 are lhose appl*b e at the dai€ of publicatiof of ths specificalion t is @ntraclor's/nranufacllrers responslbl tv lo @|f'm Lhe' cutrenl applcab llJ, and io oblain tonr COA ([lE), (i*es, Ihe iniooaton conceflring anv chanqe lhat nray be necessary due to cancelLauon Ielaceme ol s(persession oi any of 0resc document INTENDED USE Aluminlum powder in ac@rdance with as an ingredienl n lhe booster and this speclfi@tion is lntended fo. use s!stainer p@peiLanl ol TRlsHl-rL' 22 iD DEF_SiAN 6s_28/1 Di iso'van atot uen e Annex D 2.3 Copies oJ lhe relaled speclli@tions are obtainabLB as rol ows: (a) MIL Standard Speclicauon Dnectorale of Sland'rdlsation Reslricled Ihe folowins relalod spe.Lf€uon had (b) DEF.DTAN (Any que es @garding thls MLL Hioh EnergY lValeials Resear'h DHQ PO NEW OELHI_]10 OJ1. Dir€ctorate of Siandardisalion Minislry oi Deience, U K. Standard specii@tions mav be rele ed Laboratory,Sula adi, Pune-411 021)' Toruen€-2.4n rsocY;n.l€ so fomulalei as lo m€et lhe a clear @bness liquid ire€ 3.1 The toluene diisoovanale slrall bo a product r6qui@trenis of this speciijcation and shall be irom forglng matler and visible impuri|es Toluene diisocyanaie shalLbe manufacllred bya pocess' qhlch willproduce the prodlcl conlorming io this sp€clficalio'' Nolhing in lhls 6pecification shalLreleve the manutacturerorhls responsibllitvior the safelv of his operations 5. TENDERSAMPLE U essolreNise iislr!.iedihecoila.lo lslpLicrsha submif@e'ial chailes,[!otendersafiplesof r()0n] oa.h.oifo ninqtothisspecilcalon 5.2Adeplanceolthelcnderwil denole that lhe lend'r sa de sacceptedzsa standard oisupplyin accordance vrlth the terms of ih s specificalion QUALITY ASSURAN CE 6,1 INSPECTION 61 1 Toluene dlsocyanale and the contalners n wrri.h I is packed sha be subject to lnspeclon by and (o lhe Inal approva ol the Qualilv Ass!rane ofii.erl ouaLllv Ass!rance Aulhonlv. 6.1.2 Sanrples oi lhe malerialmav b€ t6ken fo. separate xnil'ontaneB at random. The samples so seected shali be placed n naro\{ froulh glass.stopp€rcd boltes and shzLbe placed ln separal€ ajr-lilhl and water tghldntainers, which shal be.€arv ILed @vered and sealed 10 prevent atnrospheric effecl. samDle sha lbe Labeed with dale lol nrmber and manulacturer's conlainer identlication number' 613 lI on exanriialion anv slmple be aolnd nol conlom lo thls specification thewho e batch / ot/ consignmeft mav be relected' 6.1.4 The loreqoing Frovislons shall equalv 6ppv io the prme @nlractors :nd sub-contractoG, if anv. 6.21 Nornaly two.aCresenlaiive sample each ol 100 nl slpDlied lree of chargo, shal be d€wn al random lrcm anv container ol maiufa.ture/supp y. HovJelar lhe.urber oi sanp' to be drawn shal 2{l T be 61 the di.cre(of oi ihe luarity cfioerqua ilt Asslr.n.e 6,3 TEST REOt]IREIlIENTS 6.31

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