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Singrauli Development AuthorityHimachal Pradesh
Archived Tenders of Singrauli Development Authority in Himachal Pradesh

Archived Tenders of Singrauli Development Authority in Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh is the state of natural delights, lush green forests, pristine valleys, enchanting mountains and breath-taking rivers. The state of Himachal Pradesh is one of the least corrupted states and has its most of the revenue from tourism.To maintain flora and fauna of Himachal Pradesh, The government of HP works tirelessly. It also caters the private organisations to form a joint venture partnership to work together for the betterment of Himachal Pradesh.The tenders in Himachal Pradesh are known as HP Tenders or Himachal Pradesh Tenders. There are total 33 organisations in Himachal Pradesh which releases HP e-tenders under the orders of State Government.Bid Assist have brought you four unique organisations that have a high frequency of floating tenders from time to time.The list of these organisation is given below.PWD,Municipal Corporation Shimla,Directorate of Urban Development,HP Irrigation and Public Health.PWD-PWD stands for Public Works Department, and this department handles the infrastructure development of the government offices, block departments and multi storeys. They also look after the road constructions and build circles, junctions, t points and other short and long roads connecting the national highways.Tenders are issued for supplying the raw materials like steel, tar, coal, cement, water tankers, sand etc. Tenders are also released for renting construction equipment and employing a workforce on a contract basis.The government of Himachal Pradesh has released more than 175 HP tenders under this organisation.Municipal Corporation of Shimla-Shimla Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest municipal corporations in the country. It is established since the British era.Shimla Municipal Corporation looks after the daily affairs of governance in the metropolitan region, preparing useful notices for citizens, construction and maintenance works, public health, hygiene and sanitation works.Tenders are issued to carry out the local works like lighting the street lights, watering the parks, cleaning the drainage, removal of old and dangerous buildings, supplying the workforce for community events and contract-based works.Till now up to 30 HP Tenders are issued under the government of Himachal Pradesh.Directorate of Urban Development-The urban development directorate of the Himachal Pradesh government looks after the metropolitan management done by the municipal corporation. Tenders are released to work on the link roads, significant transportation projects, construction of new government infrastructures and inviting new ideas and plans for the development of the towns and cities.Till now, more than 80 hp e-tenders are issued under the Himachal Pradesh government for this project.HP Irrigation and Public Health-Himachal Pradesh is contributing more than 20% of hydropower to the nation, and Irrigation is one of the prime aspects of this government.Himachal Pradesh has many pristine rivers which give enormous scope for developing Irrigation.HP e-tenders are floated for this department to carry out the construction and maintenance work of canals, water lines, renting of farming vehicles, purchasing hydro jets and hydro motors, employing a workforce for flood control measures and reclamation work. More than 75 hp tenders are issued under the government of Himachal Pradesh.
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