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l" i: }NMACHAL PRA}E$}T FL'I}LIC WORKS nar*nrRanNr )i"-Cel['"l.dJTrTe,cir[d tsenk-RRp-I# Barci*r/patampuri tB-lg/- ]fr_fu Darectt_ ttf ?lh6Lf The Dirsctor, Iclfumaticln & Publicarions Depertnrent H.P. Shimla-l?l 00:. *' eil:- d #lt I Tire Addiriorrol chief $er"retary (pw) ro rhe Govt, of H.p. shirnls-Z. ?" lf.* pqil**rjn-f,h ief FIFF:W $. ;\i rn:ra* Sh*nran" l{ irmai: B hau.arr Sh in*isi-? "3. AlIthe fhief Sngissers in,Hi*r*s.h*tFradesh F.W.S. 1 All tle Strperinrendirrg Engincers in Himachal pradeslr p.W.D.5. All the E.recurive Hrrgineers in Hir*aehalpradesh p.W.D. "-"'eehief€*gi*eer- Knngra Zone- HPPWD, *t Dlr*l:*m*hrila. $*lije*t:* 5ir, e*Frlr+w**r*e* * ha:ii:e " Ptease i:i*d atta*he herewith:s ss* eop3 *s rvsl]las a **g1y a FDF clfe*Frs*u,remsnt notice *f,rvorks sancti*ned ilnder RRP-ll iworld Bank.Barch-l] fur fhe year 20tg-lg ttlr publishing in Daily l-eaclirrg Ne$'s;1apers i.e. irr Hir':tli and Englislr publishecl frorn CHA],tDlGAltFl, JALLA],,IDHAR; DELHI as well as in ane National ne\{'spapsl in one insertion after aecording approval fiarn Chief Eles$oral Officer, Him*elr'*l Pr*desh lc'tter ?\1s. 3-s;3fi19-ElN-lll-204-14il dated 3g'ft s4*r*h, ?strg *copy artacbrd). As rhe matter is r:f urgent rlilrure, yotl are requested to kindly get it pub!ished on or befarc Zlnd April, tglg and copy of its publicatii:n itt ileri$papers rnal' Lre serlr [o this offiee fbr pecess;rry action. Encl: Approval lener of C.E.O, Slrilnla (Hpi. Copy f*fivarsl*cl f'*r isti:rrnaffan to : -i . I[ E |I:s J; J.T1 ,.'I Yours faithf*lly, ,'i : B,li*rxi lt{,irnr*n thr*lrgb R+r'r*l R**t*x ex#bucln**r {Knng:.:a.eo**i.} Hfrtv* Sksr*rrash*l* N.P,u l?*xtig ssA&AT r$'Ir*h{AF{ LlT.itDER PS&SHAI'r sd*?{Tex se ${,qA$eK Y*#AS* {pMS$t} g'1i6 S6ve*rii**1* uf krd'ia has reseit * loani'-'r'stlit nttmber l1,13Si::"-:*::lKlI s1* R*nd Frqj**tl K*j;"4#:.:'#ifi;fiJ-il q.i*;;;+***.y:::"fj:J::iJ:ff*ff#r#t"m#* ?*Xiffii1,ffi:ffi;L&.'Ti1*j{11i:il3*l-i***::**jx*r th**** $r*ea'ctryqtien orYoj&na, ans.lnlciru$ tu rsi'PrJ * l'qrr v' "'e ' .es as the bidding d*cu1eft1*dk*, '*,i**ing i* *p*n to # gidderc fr9;1 eli$ut3 *Y-:,::T1X ,n***.*mehqr*.I ir,&?'{ {xN' Ir€,hetf sf T, :ffi ;:# J,dil;;,* &;;ffi ;G F{p e iv n . n 1 * a msh a r *- f *r: :- tr. ^Yff ,.i;**T#3I Lr'i$ru-e&ai e,**uliils**:T,ffi"S"lff t; -;l:i*;t fuJ:ii,::i'::':3;ff1:*ri*rr srrqt$s under r,ffit?1-H:l:iil-,iir[n-:il.i;;;J '*-T*1r*'t'JT:;;;,-: ''d:i:l ':'^:T,I:3j:l*:,Y**:.:''ff:trffi#-:il#ffi ilil"r;'Yi'ilb'[-G* 1' -ilii;'-;'o*'*"^-:::1"fl"::::::;TflYgi*ffilf:H;*?; #,-ff#i,ffi$ffii;$:'ffi;;Jfffi;ffi;,*.i***;;e;ii';;; n'.'$:s; *gist*red in apprapriate crass'wjth appr,:pri*te a*th*ritie* bei'ule sig*i*g th* esn:t'sc'{' IIEE 'l 'f I T ,r i [: ' ,,rirsr de*ils *sn be * i* the bidcli*g ds{}*mfi1t, Tbe Ilrr:ptr*y*r s}rali rl*{ be h*ld liable fer any de*iys duq r* *y*i*,ri r**re;;;;i. Eu** ttu*gt, ilre x3'*tarn wili"tr$*nrpt lo notify the bidders *f irny bid ap*ar*s"the Empr*p,er *h*u.*r:t {r-"t##;;;;;-;t;d$; ;., r***iv*r{ bv rhe biilcler' It is the bidde'r*l rssp*ri*ihjrity ro ,,*ri*i irlu-i**irr* "r:r rrre rarest i'rforrnati**'r rerared r* the ten*i*r' ffiSq- i l,*ekage Fi* i Xrrnte*f'lhe W*r$< **** Eiilrr{tl*d C*s$ {Rs Lacs) T.,d I Feriod *f Cost i CornPletion tRs [-lcsi I ttrr l'lorrthsi1_ * sid $e*trity {Rs,Lacs} --s --1.6? 3.8 3.8? d.'(,iia.itd{t;i}n l",irriti l*nance a J I Jai$itetryur i HF-{}4-3'6$ I i I 7 tJpgr*d*ti** al- $*nsai to S**rl*tar &tlad Km SiO tc U5S$ ?4.34 9.fi3 83.3 7 I 16.26 154,?5 I.?$ffip*- i X'li.*'+-::* Palampur HF-*4-3?4 Upgrad ti*n *ir Ch*r*ra tr: H*r B**a Ri:ad Knt\ 0r0 ro 2i700--------------: --------*T' Upgrad*tiotr 0I Tirs$dolt* Khairx Shul* trl+*ri Km' UiCI to j/400 - Upgradation ol to{ang*.hr r* Firs R*itri ltur {}$ tr: 3/4J{i il?,vs t??.9? i :tt,*: I rq3.4it i 14 1: t: i------':*"-*-----*--rTffi;:i*1 ri i Palampur I nr'u4-r Ii1i t1 r80,4i ?0,?8 4..tlz i?s*t"tr,' i !"lP-{}4"3?? i i HP-*4-38?ilii i1 z&.ry* 1 z:*"sql;pgradatii:tt'of:'I ,i {i} e}*,pulpur fo

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