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Indian Oil Corporation Limited

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 77,418,756

  • EMD

    ₹ 637,100

  • Opening Date

    20 Apr 2018

  • Closing Date

    17 May 2018


Tender for Revamp of Air Conditioning System of Hydro-processing Pilot Plant and ETL Building


Tender Notice No: RDCCNT1744 Indian Oil Corporation Limited Research & Develo|)ment Centre Faridabad Notice Inviting Tender /E-Tender` Date :11.04.2018 IIidian Oil C`oiporatioii Ltd„ R&D Divisloli` Faridabad Invites electronic bids through its website is, ioi`Ii`{..Ii(ler` tttn in Tender cum Reveise Auction lil TWO BID System ) from bonafide experienced contractors of inancial staiiding ai`d reputation tor tlie work as per ae[aiis giveii Deio\v. I Nanie of` the work aiid location Revamp of Air Conditionimg System of Hydro- processing Pilot Plant and ETL Building at I0CL R&D Centre, Faridabad ? Cost ot`1elider docuiiielit (Noi`-refiiiidable) Nil. liitendiiig Bidder(s) is required to download the tender documents free of cost from locL e- tender website (Iitl)s:,"`Ioclcleii(,DGM(Contracts) 3. Telider liiviting Authority Indian Oil Corporation Liniited, R&D Centre. Sector-I 3, Faridabad. Telephone: 0 I 29-2294311/2294553/2294440/2269853 E-mail:`rom20.04.2018;10:00hrs.Upto17.05.2018;17:00hrs.Bidstobesubniittedonlineonly,throughlocL's e- 4. Starti.ig date & Time for downloading ore- tender clociiiiients web site |tLp_s_i_I_t`cl±`t_i`_n_tl.L+_r`=gpv.+±i_ 5. L{`sl (lflte & Time for downloading o[`e-teiider docuiiients front web site ha.i it\cleicndiT` qo\ .in 6 On line bid Prep<aralioii & Teiidei. Siibmission tl`rougli e-teliderHig poilal tendering site (hlt )`:,`,ioclc{eiiders.`i()\J in) From 20.04.2018; 10:00 hrs. to 17.05.2018;,17:00 hrs. Telex/ Fax/ e-mailed offers and physical bids shall not be accei)ted. 7 Date aiid lime ofopeiiing of part -I online 15:00 hrs on 21.05.2018; online.TliepricebidsofTechno-comiiiercially acceptable (Teclii`o C`ommercial Bid) 8 opeL`iiig o`` Ptii.t-11 (Price Part) online bidders oiily shall be opened oiiline after giving due uitiiiiation to them.Rs.6,37,loo/-08(Eight)months 9. Earliest Moiiey Deposil/ Bid Security ( Please refer IIistrilctioiis oli EMD/Exemptioii or EMD) 10 Time allowed foi` comi)Ietioli of job '1 Prefeleiici` lo MSEs. Jol) is not splitable Teiidei. Conditions for Benefits/Preference for Micro Small Enterprises (MSEsattached as Annexure-`A' ) 12 Validiiv of the Offer/BId Validlty of the offers subl"tted shall be 4 months from tlie date of opening of the techno commercial part (Part 1). Indian Oil Cor|)oration Limited Research & Development Centre Faridabad Nntice lnvitino Tender /F.-Tender` Tender Notice No: RDCCNT1744 Date :ll.04.2018 13. Pro-nlialiriratinn rpniiireinent : 13.I. Aniiual tiiriiover duriiig ally of.the preceding 3 fiiiancial years shall be at least (Rs. in Lacs): 464.51 Lacs • The Bidder shall furnish the copies of audited Balance Sheet(s) alld Profit & Loss Accolmt Statement(s) in support of above. • C`opies of Aiinual reports / Publislied copies of Balance Sheet(s) and Profit & Loss Account Stateiiieii[(s) are also acceptable. • Certified copies of Bfllance Sheet(s) and Profit & Loss Account Statement(s) by a Chartere Accouiitant are also acceptable, wliere audit of accounts is not mandatory under the Income Ta rules. El= 13.2. Single work executed by the bidder as main or sub contractor for similar nature of work during any of the last five years eliding oil last day of tlie month inimed

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