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Indian Army

Delhi, Delhi

  • Opening Date

    06 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    13 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

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Market Survey For Upgradation Of Audio Video Eqpt Of Ndc Lecture Hall Anc Air Force Briefing Hall

market survey for upgradation of audio video eqpt of NDC lecture hall anc air force briefing Hall
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Tele: 25692188 Army HQ NSC HQ Technical Group EME PtN 900106 C/o 56 APO 06 Rug 2O1g70601/NSC/AMC/NDC/Air Force Briefing Hall Open tender (Th rough E-procu rement) MARKET SURVEY FOR UPGRADATION OF " AUDTO YtqEO EQPT OF NDC LECTURE HALL & AIR FORCE BRIEFING HALL" 1. We are seeking quotations for Mkt Survey of Annual maint for Audio Video eqpt of NDC lecture hall & Air force briefing hall installed at National Defence College. Scope of work is attached as Appx 'A'. 2. The terms and conditions of the contract will be as under :- (a) AMC will cover on-site comprehensive maintenance inclusive of all seryices, spares (incl lamp/blub) and labour/conveyance charges. The AMC rates will be valid for a period of three years, renewable annually at the option of the user (b) The maintenance service shall be offered between 0900hrs to 1730hrs on week days excluding Saturday & Sundays and holidays. However, service will also be provided on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays if the User is working due to exigency of services. (c) Payment of AMC charges will be done on quarterly arrear basis through PCDA, New Delhi. (d) The entire AMC period shall be covered by a Bank Guarantee of 10% of estimated AMC value. This Bank Guarantee will remain valid for a period of 14 months wef commencement of the AMC. (d) The service provider will ensure a system availability of 95%. ln case system availability falls below B0% no payment will be made for that period. HQ Tech Gp reserves the right to make other arrangements at the cost and risk of service provider, without further notice and for which an equivalent amount shall be deducted from his payment due or from bank guarantee. (e) ln case system availability is more than 80% but less than 95%, proportionate downtime penalty will be deducted from the payment due for that period. (0 ln case of breakdown of any machine, the downtime will commence after 4 working hours from the time the complainUdefect has been reported to the service provider. Failure to rectify the defect even after expiry of '15 days from he date the defect was first reported, HQ Tech Gp reserves the right to get the machine rectified by a third party without affecting the contractual obligations. Payment thus made to the third party will be deducted from the amount due. ln case the payment to the third party exceeds the amount due, the same will be recovered from the bank guarantee provided. (g) other terms arrd conditions as applicable will be included in thecontract at the sole discretion of this He. 3. [""1.:,^1"^?,1?]".^,-"jT.r:lg ":nditions .acceptabte, ptease send y:ourHjT:::^:' pj: qTl"-Jo'"Trt rjlf:t'ry"y rttr.ilffi6;-Y*, ;;:::"A'i: 9?,'y:T":,_ He rec!, , 9p EMil D;nii -b;ii" ;ili'"i;, ffi'o"n=,:,"" J: %and bids opening aate iz (Kulwinder Kaur) Maj TSO-2 for Cdr lr lat-{ lollr lrn lo l!l{ l-r IO lrp lm Iolz l> l= lo t> lt, lo t; I s, ]u J 6q 'fl1ol -l0, Iat CLI{l$l lr lolla l3 to) ls lN) l*tol- lolo 0) a o- oo 0) fol o-l alEI o)l.<l elE(, l0)El: !, lJ<lo o lI-<lJ 9laoro =lOr lo,Ixtola a a o 3 L] lzllol il lollo)l ll l,l. totlal, lol, l-li LI lt l=l lt I I oo f -o 6-a 3 p_ + 6'a Al 7rol i'trl of,l ool o -l o)91 3 ='l o 6"1 Iel =.ol + Jl :iql dl *l J I €l qlat I ol I3l I ,-I l(- loklat=lo lxtx toklolo l0) l- lo- I t<lololo lal€ tc)l5lo l- ll kct- lu IElo lo o l f. o IU 3o-0) E - (c (C 1)aoao th lpo ld t>loo lEI l8ql-ot$o lf:flo+l- olao -oJ=e€ 6'd I ! :' =J -,1ll ul @l OI JI rul :l r'l o -l cllo, to lq, -t J,l o ll o,Il olo IElo I I U 0) 0) g a -.oc f,.o) Uo o)-o_ o g aE 0)<i =lJIolalal oll(ololal =lJo oo f - 9_ ao { o)ao 5 o-C)o 3 =ro) f, 6 ao l= o la illo ='IE- f lds IJloc lJ. la l€ l='l= t-oo @o-oo:t ID f, a- oooao :f, oox 13ol='O l:f o lf3 IJ+loo lo= a TIra5 3ocI =J 6)6olalol I =lol()txt lot-. Iro ls, l; Itr lo-t-. lo lo lo IJ lo lo lol l=l loItat l\< |lal ol JI =o 3 oooo =.E*. o z oa zo U, z oa z oa zoa z oa z o @ zo <h z oa z o @ 2oa z o @ C firl ol rlolol cl o o J o N) o J o o A o N) o o o J o N) o(, O),A o ol II 0rl orl -u

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