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Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 492,216

  • EMD

    ₹ 9,844

  • Opening Date

    09 Oct 2018

  • Closing Date

    30 Oct 2018


Routine Maintenance Of Electrical Installations Of Residential And Non Residential Buildings Of Alhw Pmb And Dss Departmental Quarters At Campbell Bay For The Year 2018 And 2019

पृष्ठ . P a g e 1 | 39 Hkkjr ljdkj@GOVERNMENT OF INDIA iksr ifjogu ea=ky;@MINISTRY OF SHIPPING mi eq[; vfHk;ark ¼fudksckj½ dk;kZy;@OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER (NICOBAR) vaMeku y{k}hi canjxkg fuekZ.k dk;Z@ANDAMAN LAKSHADWEEP HARBOUR WORKS dSEicsy cs@CAMPBELL BAY-744302  Name of work:-“ Routine maintenance of electrical installations of residential and non-residential buildings of ALHW, PMB & DSS departmental quarters at Campbell Bay for the year 2018-2019.” INDEX Sl.No. Details Page No. 1 Information and Instructions For Contractors for E- Tendering 2 - 3 2 Notice Inviting Tender (CPWD -6) 4 -7 3 Item Rate tenders & Contract for Work Including (CPWD-8) 8 - 9 4 Performa of Schedules 10 - 14 5 Form of Performance Security (Guarantee) 15 - 16 6 Form of Earnest Money (Bank Guarantee) 17 7 Schedule of Quantities 18-21 8 General Conditions ( Schedule D) Part-I 22- 29 9 Special Conditions ( Schedule D) Part-II 30 - 39 Certified that this tender document contains 39 pages only NIT approved for :Rs. 4,92,216.00 (Rupees Four lakhs ninety two thousand two hundred and sixteen only) Phone / nwjÒk"k : 03193-264201/ 264595 Fax /QSDl : 03193-264337/ 264595 Website osCkLkkbV : E-Mail / bZesy पृष्ठ . P a g e 2 | 39 INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR BIDDERS FOR e- TENDERING FORMING PART OF BID DOCUMENT AND TO BE POSTED ON WEBSITE (Applicable for inviting open Bids) The Executive Engineer, (K&GN), ALHW, Campbell Bay invites on behalf of President of India, Online Item Rate tenders from the approved and eligible Contractors of the ALHW for the work mentioned below. Sl. No. NIT No. Name of work & Location Estimated cost put bid Rs. Earnest Money Rs. Period of completion Last date and time for submission of Online Bid Time and date of opening of Technical Bid Time and date of opening of Price /Financial Bid Eligibility Criteria 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 A LH W /E E C /C B /D B /T E N D -0 6 /2 0 1 8 -1 9 Routine maintenance of electrical installations of residential and non-residential buildings of ALHW, PMB & DSS department quarters at Campbell Bay for the year 2018- 2019 `.4,92,216.00 `. 9,844/- 12 (Twelve) Months 30-10-2018 1000 Hrs. 30-10-2018 1030 Hrs. 02-11-2018 1030 Hrs. ALHW Contractors of Class B, C, & D In Electrical पृष्ठ . P a g e 3 | 39 1. The intending bidder must read the terms and conditions of CPWD-6 carefully. He should submit the bid only if he considers himself eligible and he is in possession of all the documents required. 2. Information and Instructions for bidders posted on website shall form part of bid documents. 3. The bid document consisting of specifications and schedule of quantities of various types of items to be executed and the set of terms and conditions of the contract to be complied with and other necessary documents can be seen and downloaded from the website or from, free of cost. 4. Mere eligibility of having registration as required above in column 10 does not entitle the contractor eligible for bidding. The bidders should have executed similar type of works for government department in A & N Islands subject to the other qualifying condition of the NIT. Scanned copy of supporting documents must be uploaded along with bid and other documents. 5. But the bid can only be submitted after depositing Tender processing fee online and uploading the mandatory scanned documents such as [TDR, Fixed Deposit Receipts and Bank Guarantee of any Scheduled Bank towards EMD] in favour of the Executive Engineer (K&GN) and other documents as specified. 6. Those Contractors not registered on the Webs

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